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Ezybox Learning Hub is located in the heart of Kovan that prides itself in providing quality tuition services for Primary School, Secondary School and Junior College.

Our team of tutors are dedicated to providing the best learning experience to students and bringing their education to greater heights.

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June 2021

Why Choose Ezybox?

There are so many tuition centres out there, here's why you should choose Ezybox

Current Syllabus

Our lessons are updated with the latest MOE syllabus

Small Group Size

Having a small group size allows our tutors to be able to give personalized tutoring and guidance

Exam Preparation

Our syllabus will follow the latest examination trends and better prepare your child

Conducive Learning Environment

Our well furnished and equipped classrooms provides a conducive learning environment for your child

Experienced Teachers

Our friendly and approachable educators are dedicated to teaching and are specialist in their field. They ensure all students do not fall behind and make sure each student has a fruitful and meaningful journey in their education.

Our Testimonials

"I love Ezybox because I like the teachers teaching method. The environment is very clean and neat. Staff and teachers are very helpful and friendly =)"

Jerlin Chua

I have attended this tuition centre for 6 years and the teachers there are very professional and caring. Their methods of teaching made large amount of content easier to digest. Mr Ansary is one of the best teachers there. 👍


Yeo Jit Hin

"Perfect place to send your child for tuition. Professional and helpful teachers will surely assist your child to improve on his/her academic results. Overall a great environment to study and learn."
Jun Sen
"Ezybox is pretty good. Teachers are very friendly, light-hearted and really effective at teaching. Mr Chen and Ms Angelee are the teachers that I'm familiar with who are both phenomenal."
Jeremy Chng
"Ezybox learning hub is a great place to inporove in subjects that pupils are weak at. My grades improved tremendously after attending the tuition lessons. I recommend it to anyone who needs help in subjects. The teachers are patient and keen to teach pupils and help them with their mistakes. Very good tuition centre. ????????????"
Alvin Mok

Ezybox is a place where learning and fun comes hand in hand! Being with the center since the beginning, the center holds a special place in my heart which I find comfort returning to even after graduating. The learning techniques and knowledge I have gained from my time in the center has helped me tremendously in my life. But more importantly, the friendships and memories I have made are something that no amount of money can ever buy.


Zyx Yuxiang

I used to be taught by the same team of tutors, when I was younger, in other center! Professional and dedicated tutors! Thank you!


Guo Hong Lim

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We believe that learning can be a fun and enjoyable process and we are here to keep it
that way.

It is the core mission of each and every teacher in Ezybox to keep the lessons light-hearted and interesting yet at the same time,
enriching and effective.