We offer tuition classes for Primary, Secondary, Junior College Learning made easy, let us show you how!

Welcome To EZYBOX Learning Hub

We believe that all children can learn in a Fun and Easy way, including yours!

Ezybox provides coaching for children from K1, Primary School, and Secondary School to Pre-University 2 in English, Maths, Science and Chinese.

The teachers of Ezybox Learning Hub are passionate about motivating their students to do their best in their studies, inspiring them to have a passion for learning, and assisting them in achieving their goals.

Your child deserves only the best, and we offer the best that anyone could possibly provide. Teachers in Ezybox are only allowed to teach and specialize in one subject, to ensure the quality of each lesson.

Each Ezybox outlet and class comes furnished with brightly coloured furniture and teaching aids such as visualisers and projectors, providing a conducive environment to help the tutors teach and students to learn better.

Class sizes are kept between 3 – 10 students to enable optimal “teacher to students” ratio. This will allow greater chance of interaction between the teacher and students in a more personal manner. Classes are held daily except for public holidays.

The Founder and the team

Founder of Ezybox, Mr Ang Chong Peng, 55, has rich experience in the education field and have won several accolades including the Long Service Award by MOE. Mr Ang takes a prudent approach towards education and hand-picks his tutors to ensure that they are not only competent, but also passionate about the subjects they teach and their students.

Co-founder of Ezybox, Mdm Yeo Bee Keng, 52, has been in the education business for the past 12 years. She heads the administration and customer support team. Being a parent herself, she relates to the everyday challenges that parents face in their child’s education. She ensures that all of our parents and students’ concerns are heard and attend to them methodically.

Our dedicated team of over 10 tutors which includes former teachers and private school and junior college lecturers, devote their professional and personal time & effort to engage the students. Most even become their friends.

Our Belief

Ezybox believes that learning can be a fun and enjoyable process and the tutors in Ezybox are here to keep it that way.

zybox believes there are no “poor” or “lousy” students. Rather, it is the teachers’ responsibilities to bring out the very best in their students. Every child is unique and has different abilities, hence the tutors in Ezybox not only just teach, but also engage their students and help them ignite their inner passion and potential.

Extra Miles

Our tutors often go the extra mile to assist those students who needed a little more help during their spare time. We do not only want to coach but also accompany our students throughout their learning journey.

Using contemporary and popular messengers such as WhatsApp, our team can promptly and efficiently reply to immediate school problems that our students face in their daily studies.

Our tutors constantly review not only the contents of their teaching, but also the psychological and holistic aspects of learning, giving students the confidence and ease to acquire important subject knowledge efficiently. Apart from providing a customised learning programme, we also put them with others of similar abilities – this way children will not be daunted by others ahead of them.

Differentiated Learning

Ezybox offers an unique, customised Mathematics Programme for Primary-level students. We use this to gauge a student’s current strength and provide differentiated learning at an appropriate pace and level. We also review each individual student on a periodic basis, which is especially important given today’s dynamic and challenging education system.

Questions for differentiated learning are set according to their level of understanding and aimed to build a strong foundation before a more challenging set is given. This systematic approach has substantially helped the students to gain confidence in handling tricky word problems. Steady improvement in the students’ results has been evident since the commencement of these classes.


Jerlin Chua

I love Ezybox because I like the teachers teaching method. The environment is very clean and neat. Staff and teachers are very helpful and friendly =)

Hui Xian

Teacher Daniel is kind and friendly. Have great knowledge about this subject.

Ben Mak

Our daughter is attending tuition under Mr. Ang Chong Peng of Ezybox Learning Hub. Mr. Ang conducts the Maths lessons in an interesting manner and allows her ample opportunities to ask questions to serve her learning needs. He is very knowledgeable, clear and methodical in his teaching and easy to talk to.”

Hui Ong

I have followed Mr Chua, our Science teacher for about 5 years! He is an awesome
teacher & always try to make the lesson a fun yet productive one =)

Learning made easy, let us show you how!